Introduction to Field2Base

Introduction to Field2Base

Welcome to Field2Base!

This article is designed to help explain the products and solutions that Field2Base offers. As you become more familiar with Field2Base, you will get a better idea of which products are applicable to the business solutions that you require. This article contains descriptions of our most used products and features, many of which have links to more in-depth articles. Consider this a sort of "Glossary of Terms" for you to learn what we are all about.

Essential Products

Mobile Forms - The named device license of Field2Base Mobile Forms software that is installed on an approved mobile device, used by the customer’s employees to fill out their custom Forms electronically.

Forms Designer – The client application that allows you to create your own custom digital Form Templates.

Portal - The Field2Base Portal allows your company's Mobile Forms Administrator to manage the Field2Base application for your company and Users. This is the heart of the Field2Base application, available to use on most web browsers. The Portal requires a unique login and password for each User who needs to access it.

Enterprise Software List

Data Integration Module (DIM) – Delivers form data to existing IT systems (takes data from a submitted Form and delivers it to a customer’s internal database system).

Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM) – Delivers Work Order data to Field2Base enabled devices by pushing pre-filled Forms to a device for service field workers to complete and submit.

Data Upload Utility (DUU) – Synchronizes Form Data Files with your back-end system(s) to allow accurate, timely information to populate the drop-down regions on Forms so that field service employees have real-time data and stay synchronous with internal database values.


Android - The Mobile Forms application runs on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, etc.

iOS- The Mobile Forms application runs on Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Web App - Browser based version of the Mobile Forms application which can be used on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.

Note: The Mobile Forms application for Windows is currently a legacy item. New version is under development.

General Terms

Analytics Dashboard - Accessed via the Portal, this is a custom set of charts, graphs, and tables that help you visualize your Sent Form data in real time. Analytics Dashboards can be implemented by the Professional Services team.

Device - A phone or tablet that is registered to a User with a Field2Base license and used to submit Forms.

Draft - A Form that has been started but not yet submitted. A Draft is stored locally on the device it was started on and can only be accessed on that device. Deleting or re-installing the Mobile Forms app will permanently delete all Form Drafts.

E-Mail Templates - E-Mail Templates can be edited for all automated e-mails sent from the Field2Base system, as well as customized for specific Forms or as part of Custom Workflows.

Folders - Forms are published to specific Folders, and Users are given access to Folder(s) to limit their access to only the Forms they need. Folders can be used when a company has various groups of Field2Base Users with different Forms based on department or geographic area. Formerly called Projects.

Form Data Files - Spreadsheets in .csv, .xls, or .xlsx format with data that can be pulled into Form drop-downs. These are used to easily update Form drop-down lists that change often.

Form Template - A blank electronic Form stored in the Field2Base system in a .eform format.

License - A monthly subscription to Field2Base that is used to register a single device and activate the Mobile Forms application.

Quick Copy - Takes previously completed information from a Sent Form and populates that information into a new Form. Users can quickly pre-populate a new Form using Quick Copy then make changes as needed.

Recipients - Recipients can be set up without full User privileges (cannot log in to the Portal or use the Mobile Forms application) but can receive emails and PDF's from the Field2Base system. 

Region - The defined field on a Form that allows the end User to capture and store data.  The Forms Designer application allows you to draw Regions on top of a background image and customize each Region for the expected data.

Roles - The set of permissions assigned to Users in the Portal. If a User is only filling out Forms on a device, they do not need a Field2Base Portal Role.

Sent Forms - Forms that have been completed and submitted to Field2Base. In the Mobile Forms app, the Sent Forms section displays Forms submitted by the User. In the Portal, Sent Forms displays Forms submitted by all Users.

Shared Forms - Browser-based fillable Forms that can be shared with and submitted by individuals who are not Users for your company via a URL. Shared Forms are billed on a per use basis.

Users - Users can log in and have customizable access (controlled by the company's Mobile Forms Administrator) to the Field2Base Portal.

Workflow - Field2Base product for guiding a Form through an additional process after it has been submitted. You can set up your own Basic Workflow that includes a single Approval step. Custom Workflows which can include multiple review steps, customized e-mails and conditionals can be implemented by the Professional Services team.

Work Order - Allows a Form to be pre-filled with information and dispatched to a User's device under My Work. Work Orders can be dispatched manually from the Portal, or through the Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM). Formerly called PreFills.

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