Roles in the Portal

Roles in the Portal


Field2Base Users with the Mobile Forms Administrator role can manage User Roles and Permissions from the Portal. This allows the Field2Base Administrators(s) for your Company to determine which Users have access to specific features in the Portal.
Note: Users who only use the Mobile Forms app and do not log in to the Portal do not need any Role.

To access your Company's Roles, navigate to Admin > Roles.

Roles Page

The Roles page lists all available User Roles for your Company and a brief description of each. The default system Roles available are determined by which features your Company has enabled.

Viewing Role Details

You can view which specific permissions are part of a Role by clicking on the View button next to that Role.

Managing Roles for Your Users

You can view or edit the Users with a specific Role by clicking on the Users button next to that Role.

To Add a User to a Role

1. Select the User from the Select a user drop-down.
2. Click on the Add button to add the selected User to the Role.

To Remove a User From a Role

Check the User(s) that you want to remove from the Role and click on the Remove button.

Note: You can also edit a specific User's Role(s) in their individual User Profile by navigating to Admin > Users and clicking on the Edit button for that User.

System Roles

System Roles are preset, static Roles that cannot be edited. They come standard with any Field2Base Company and provide sets of permissions. The list of System Roles and Permissions available to you depend on the features enabled for your company.
Note: Users who only need to use the Mobile Forms app on a device and will never need to access the Portal do not need any User Role.

Mobile Forms Administrator
(available on all accounts)
Allows access to all Admin functions for a Company including the ability to manage the company profile, email templates, licenses, form data files, form templates, users, etc...
Also allows access to Sent Forms, Workflow and Analytics (if available)
Note: Since this role includes access to all products, it is typically the only role needed for that User. The only exception is Web App User.

Web App User
(if Web App is enabled)

Allows access to the Web App
User can use the browser based version of the Mobile Forms app
Note: If you would like access to Web App, please speak with your Account Manager regarding pricing/licenses associated with using the Web App.

Form Publisher
(available on all accounts)

Allows access to the Form Templates page under Admin
User can publish form templates, download existing form templates and manage form template options

Form Data Uploader
(available on all accounts)

Allows access to the Form Data Files pages under Admin
User can edit data used in Datasource (drop-down) regions of Forms

(available on all accounts)

Allows access to Reports page under Admin
User can view Reports

Online Docs User
(if Sent Forms is enabled)

Allows access to Sent Forms
User can access Sent Forms (limited to folders that they have access to)

Work Order Dispatcher
(available on all accounts)

Allows access to Work Orders page under Admin
User can prefill data on and dispatch Forms as Work Orders assigned to specific Users

Workflow Administrator
(if Workflow is enabled)

Allows access to Workflow Admin page
User can view/manage status of Forms in workflow and create basic workflows for Forms

Workflow User
(if Workflow is enabled)

Allows access to Workflow Queue
User can access Forms assigned to them as part of a workflow process

Workflow Reporter
(if Workflow is enabled)

Allows View Only access to Workflow Queue
User can access Forms assigned to them as part of a workflow process but cannot edit or take action.

Analytics User
(if Analytics is enabled)

Allows access to view Analytics Dashboards built for a Company
Note: Mobile Forms Admin can limit access to specific dashboards on a per User basis

Custom Roles

Custom Roles are Roles that Administrators can create to fit a particular set of permissions outside of the default system Roles. Once you've created a Custom Role, you can assign it to any of your Users.

To Create a Custom Role

1. Click on the Create Role button.
2. On the Create Role page, enter a name and description for your Custom Role.
3. Click on the desired Permissions for that Role.
4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

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