Shared Forms

Shared Forms


The Shared Forms feature allows you to share any of your published Forms through links (URLs) that can be posted on your website or e-mailed to individuals. This link opens a web-based version of your Form which can be filled out by external individuals who are not Field2Base Users for your Company.  If you make updates to a Form Template, those updates will also be available in the Shared Form.

There are two ways to create a Shared Form:
From the Shared Form page (Admin > Shared Forms)
From the options for a specific Form on the Forms page (Admin > Form Templates)
Note: In order to enable the Shared Forms feature for a Form, you must have Mobile Forms Administrator permissions enabled. Please contact your Company's Field2Base Account Manager to ensure you have an account with the appropriate permissions.

From the Shared Forms Page

1. Navigate to Admin > Shared Forms.

2. Click the Share Form  button to display the Create Shared Form Link window.

From the Forms Page

1. Navigate to Admin > Form Templates.

2. Click the Select an Action button for the form you want to share then select Share Form from the drop-down to display the Create Shared Form Link window.

1. Select the Form that you want to share.
2. Enter a name for the link. We recommend using a name that makes the purpose of the Form clear to the link recipient.
3. Select the name of the User sharing the form from the  drop-down. Anonymous is the default sender but you can change this to show recipients who are sharing the form with them.
4. Select the Link Type. The options are "One Time Use" or "Unlimited Use". Unlimited Use is the default type. Choosing "One Time Use" will limit submission of this form to one submission.
5. Change any of the optional settings and personalize your confirmation message as needed. 
Note: You should only disabled the submit and page navigation buttons if that functionality is already included as part of the Form design.
6. Click Submit
The link to your Shared Form is now available on the Shared Forms page. 

Managing Shared Forms

You can view all of your Shared Form links on the Shared Forms page. The Show/Hide Filters button allows you to filter your Shared Forms by Form Name, Link Name, Link Type (All, One-Time, Unlimited) and Status (Active, Disabled, Archived).

You have a choice between a link to the Form that includes the Field2Base header on the page (F2B Header Link) and one that does not include any header (Embedded Link). You can copy and paste this link anywhere that you want to share the Form. You can view the details for a Shared Form link by selecting Details from the Select An Action dropdown menu for that link.
You have the ability to edit a Shared Form link by selecting Edit from the Select An Action dropdown menu for that link. This will open the Edit Shared Form window and allow you to edit the link name or the settings for the Shared Form.
You can also disable the link when it is no longer needed by selecting Disable from the Select An Action dropdown menu for that link. This will prevent anyone with that link from submitting Forms (and incurring associated fees) that you no longer want.

Note: Shared Form Links are associated with the Folder that the Form Template is located in. When moving a Form Template to a new Folder, you will be asked if you would like to update the Folder Association for the Shared Form Link(s) (if a Shared Form for that Template exists). Clicking Yes will move both the Form Template and the Shared Form Link(s) to the new Folder. Clicking No will implement no change to either the Form Template or Shared Form Link Folder Association.

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