Data Upload Utility (DUU) User Guide

Data Upload Utility (DUU) User Guide


This document walks through the process of configuring the Data Upload Utility (DUU) already installed on your Company’s PC or Server to automatically upload Form Data Files to the Field2Base Cloud.

Configuration Requirements

Before you proceed with configuring the DUU, the following elements that drive the processing of the DUU need to be known:
  1. The Directory or Folder Location(s) where the Form Data Files will be placed for upload
  2. The Data Upload Service Account Login credentials for your Company
If you do not have these two elements defined, do not proceed any further.

Configuring a Directory

1. Go to the Setup tab.
2. Click the Add Directory button.

3. Click the Browse button under Incoming Directory

4. Browse to the folder location you want the DUU to scan for files to be uploaded and click OK. This is known as the Incoming Directory.

Next, just as with the incoming Directory, you will need to set up the Archive Directory. The Archive Directory is where files that have been processed and uploaded are stored.
5. Click the Browse button under Archive Directory.
6. Browse to the folder location where you would like to store archived files and click OK.

The finished Directory configuration should look something like this.

Setting up the DUU Service Account

Now that you have set up the first Directory that is being watched, you will need to set the Destination. This is the target Company where the DUU will be uploading the Form Data File.

1. Select the ‘Upload to the activated company’ checkbox if you have already activated your Company (under the Configuration tab). Alternatively, you can click on the Add a manually configured destination button and enter the Company credentials to set a different Destination.

2. Click the Apply button to save your Configuration.

NOTE: Remember that each time you update anything on the Configuration tab, you will need to click the Apply button for it to be saved.
NOTE: For this example, we are using a Test Company (Company ID: 3136). You should use your own Company credentials.

Start the Service

1. On the Service tab, click the Start button.

2. After starting the Service, you will want to check to make sure the service has started correctly. To do so, navigate to the Logs tab. You should see “Upload Service Started” if the Service has started correctly. Any files that have been successfully uploaded will also be shown in the Logs.

Additional Configuration Options

Now that you’ve created a single Directory and Destination, let’s take a moment and expand that to include multiple Destinations and Directories.

To Add Multiple Directories

1. Select the Uploads branch at the top of the tree in the left window and click the Add Directory. You’ll notice this creates a new Directory listing on the left awaiting the specification of the incoming and Archive Directories.
2. Select additional Directories by browsing, just as before. You can create any number of different Directories to be monitored or set for archiving.

To Create Multiple Destinations under a Directory

Companies are specified underneath the Directories you have set up. You can have the DUU upload to multiple Companies (Destinations) by setting up additional Destinations under a single Directory.
1. Select a Directory and click the Add a manually configured destination button.
2. Enter the Company credentials for the additional Destination.
3. Click Apply.

Once you have configured multiple Directories and/or Destinations, you should check the DUU Logs to confirm that any files in those Directories have been uploaded as expected.

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