Portal Quick Start Guide

Portal Quick Start Guide


The Field2Base Portal allows your company's Admin(s) to manage the Field2Base application for your Company and allows your Users to access the features available to them as set up by your Admin. This is the heart of the Field2Base application, available to use on most web browsers. The Portal requires a unique login and password for each User. This article describes the basics of managing your Field2Base environment with the Portal.

Tutorial Video

Several tutorial videos are also available and covers most of this material if you prefer to watch an overview of the Portal.

Logging in to the Portal

Once your company has been set up with Field2Base, you should have been provided with administrative credentials including a Company ID, Username and Password. If you have not received your credentials or have issues with logging in, please contact our support team at f2bsupport@field2base.com.

1. Enter the URL  https://admin.field2base.com/  in your browser or click on the Login link at the top of Field2base.com.

3. Enter your administrative credentials.

4. Click the Login button.

Your navigation menu may not have all of the tabs described in this section. Access to some features are based on your account type. If you are interested in adding some of these features, you can contact your account manager to find out about upgrading your account.

Home:  The home screen displays various statistics about your company's usage.

Web App (optional):  Allows you to see your Blank Forms, My Work, Saved Drafts or Sent Forms. It functions similarly to the Mobile Forms application on an Android or iOS device.

Workflow (optional):  This tab takes you to your Workflow Queue and/or your Workflow Admin pages. 

Sent Forms (optional):  This tab allows you to view the Sent Forms for the Folder(s) that you have access to.  

Analytics (optional):   This tab allows you to view or manage your Analytics Dashboards  (custom service from Field2Base Professional Services).

Admin:  This tab displays a list of all the administrative functions in the Field2Base Portal. The rest of this article describes the most commonly used Admin functions.

Reports:  This tab allows you to access various reports about your account. You can also access your Idle Users Report to view which Users have not sent in a form in a specific time range. If you have Exports set up (custom service from Field2Base Professional Services),  your exported form data will be here as well.

Downloads : This tab provides links to all Field2Base application downloads available to your company. You also have the ability to e-mail installation instructions directly to selected Users in your Company.

Admin Tab - Administrative Functions

Your Admin Menu may not have all of the options described in this section. Access to some features are based on your account type. If you are interested in adding some of these features, please contact your account manager to find out about upgrading your account.

Company Profile

The Company Profile page allows you to view information about your account. The Company Profile article provides details on what is available to you in each section of your Company Profile.


The Devices page lists all of your registered devices. See the article on Managing Devices for more information on managing your devices.

E-Mail Templates

The E-Mail Templates page allows you to create custom E-Mail Templates for specific forms, system emails and emails sent from Workflow. See the article on Managing E-mail Templates for details.


These are virtual folders to organize your Company's Forms and allow you to control which Users and Recipients have access to specific Forms. The Folders page will display all of the existing Folders in your company. You can create Folders or edit existing Folders from this page. Once a Folder is created, you can assign Forms and Users to one or more Folder(s) depending on which Forms they need access to. Only Users and Recipients assigned to a Folder will have access to the Forms in that Folder.

To Create a New Folder
1. Click on the Create Folder button.

2. Fill out the Folder Name (required) and Description (optional) fields.
3. Select the Users who will have access to the Forms in the Folder.
4. Click on Save to create your new Folder.

To Edit a Folder
1. Click on the Edit button for the Folder you wish to edit.

2. Add or remove Users who will have access to the Forms in the Folder.

3. Select any Users that wish to be added as BCC Recipients for that Folder.

4. If any Recipients wish to be added as BCC Recipients for that Folder, check the "Include Recipients in the List" box.

5. Select the Recipients to be added from the BCC Recipients list. 

6. Click on Save to save the selections.‚Äč
Note: Only Users and Recipients that have access to the Folder can be selected as BCC Recipients for that Folder. Any Users added as BCC Recipients for a Folder will get the default e-mail for every submitted Form in that Folder. BCC Recipients will not appear as Mandatory Recipients when sending the Form. If a Recipient does not have a first name or last name, his/her e-mail address will be displayed in the BCC Recipients list.

Form Data Files

Form Data Files are files that have been linked to your Form as part of the Form design process to populate the drop-downs on your Form(s). The Form Data Files page displays information about your Company's data files such as the version number and the last time the file was modified. See the article on Form Data Files for more information.

To Upload a New or Updated Data File
1. Click on the Upload File button.
2. Choose if your Form Data File needs to be available to all of your Forms company-wide or to Forms in a specific Folder only.
Note: Limiting which Folders a Data File is available can help reduce the amount of resources that need to be downloaded to individual Users' devices.
3. Click on Choose File and select the data file you linked to your Form from your PC or network drive.
4. Click on the Upload button.

Form Templates 

You can download your existing e-form templates or upload new or updated Forms from the Form Templates page. For more information on how to manage your Forms, read the article on Managing Forms .

To Download a Specific Form
1. Click on the Select an Action button to access options for a Form.
2. Click on the Download option to download your form to your local machine. 
You can now open and make changes to the eForm file with the F2B Forms Designer application. See the Forms Designer Quick Start Guide for more information on how to create and edit Forms using Forms Designer.


Groups are collections of users that can be assigned to review a form or receive an email from a workflow. The Groups page will display all of your company's existing Groups and allows you to create new Groups or edit your existing Groups. 

To Create a New Group
1. Click on the Create Group button.

2. Name your group.
3. Select the Users for your group.
4. Click on the Create button.


The Licenses page lists all of your purchased, in use and available licenses.  You can view your licenses history, add licenses or remove licenses. See the article on Managing Licenses for more information.


Region Filters

Region Filters can be used to filter Forms based on data within the Forms. See the article on Region Filters for more information on how to use and manage region filters.


The Roles page lists all available user roles for your company and a brief description of which permissions each role allows. This page can be a helpful reference when assigning roles to a User.  More details for each role are available by clicking the View button next to a role. You can view or edit a list of all Users in your company with a specific role by clicking the Users button next to that role. See the article on Roles in the Portal for more information on managing the Roles in your company.

Shared Forms

The Shared Forms feature allows you to share any of your published Forms through links (URLs) that can be posted on your website or e-mailed to individuals. Form more information, see the article on using Shared Forms.

Unique IDs

The Unique IDs feature allows you to create sequential counters that can be populated on your Forms as needed. See the article on Unique ID Regions to learn how to add Unique IDs to your Forms.


The Users page will display information on all of the Users in your company. Users have various access to the Portal depending on their assigned Role(s). There is no charge for adding Users with access to the portal. A license is required once a User installs the Mobile Forms app on a device or has the role of Web App User since that is considered access to Mobile Forms.
See the article on Managing Users and Recipients for more information.

To Create a New User
1. Click on the Create User button.

2. Fill out the new User information.
3. Click on the Create User button at the bottom of the page.

Note:  You can choose whether the User will be included in the optional recipient list for the Folders they have access to. The Include on Form Optional Recipients checkbox is checked by default.

Work Orders

The Work Orders page allows you view the open Work Order for your company. You can also create new Work Orders by prefilling regions in a selected form and then assigning that Work Order to a User's device (in their My Work section of the Mobile Forms app). Please read the article on Dispatching Work Orders from the Portal to learn more.

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