Company Profile

Company Profile


The Company Profile page allows Mobile Forms Administrators to view and edit current information for a Company. You can also modify selected configurations and features for a Company.
To access the Company Profile page, navigate to Admin > Company Profile.

Company Information

The Company Information tab displays the current information for your company in the Field2Base system. 

You can click on Edit if you need to change any of the information for your Company.
Note: You cannot edit the Company Name, Company ID or Creation Date. Please contact your Account Manager if you need to change your Company Name.

Mobile Forms Information

The Mobile Forms Information tab displays product information for your Company.

A. Products Used – Displays which F2B products are enabled for your account.
B. Products Available – Additional F2B products that may be available for your account. Please contact  your Account Manager if you have questions about getting access to additional products.
Note: Some of these products are being phased out and are no longer available. 
C.  Enrolled in Beta Program – Indicates whether your company is enrolled in the F2B Beta Program. See the article  Field2Base Beta Program Information for more details or to find out how to enroll in the Beta program.
D. Account Manager – Name of your F2B Account Manager. For your convenience, you can click on E-Mail Your Sales Rep Today! to send an email to your Account Manager directly from the Portal.
E.  White Label Build Enabled – Indicates whether a White Label Build is available for your Company. If available, you can view and edit the name of your White Label Build using the White Label App Name field.
F. Mobile Forms Product Suite - Indicates which type of product suite is available to your Users. The options are:
  1. Mobile Forms App Store (default) - Users can install the Mobile Forms app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Mobile Forms Enterprise - Users must install the Enterprise build of Mobile Forms and will not be allowed to install the app from the App Store.
  3. No Restriction
G. Activation Limit - Displays the maximum number of Devices that can be assigned to a single User. For example, a User could install the app on 5 different devices and use 5 licenses (1 per device). The default is 5.
Note:  Mobile Forms Administrators have the ability to change the Activation Limit by clicking on Edit , entering a new limit and clicking on Save .

System Settings

The System Settings tab displays the current F2B System Settings for your Company. 
The Click Here to Access Your Company's Configs link takes you to your Company Configs page. Please read the article,  Customer Custom Configurations, for details.
The  Click Here to Edit Your Company's Default E-Mail Template allows you to change the default e-mail sent when a form is submitted. You can change the subject, body and PDF attachment.
The  Click Here to Edit Your Company's Workflow E-Mail Template allows you to change the default e-mail sent as part of a Basic Workflow.  You can change the subject, body and PDF attachment.

A. Sent Form Dispatch Retention Period (not editable) – Displays how long your Sent Forms are saved in the Field2Base System. Contact your Account Manager for details on changing your Retention Period.
B. Password Policy Settings Enabled (click on Edit to change) – Check to enable a Password Policy for your Company. Enabled by default for new Companies.
  1. Days Until Password Expires – Enter the number of days until passwords need to be reset. Default is 0 (no limit).
  2. Minimum Password Length – Enter the minimum required password length. Default is 8.
  3. Password Requires Mixed Case – Check if password requires upper and lower case. Default is checked.
  4. Password Requires Digits – Check if password requires numbers. Default is checked.
  5. Password Requires Symbols – Check if password requires symbols. Default is unchecked.
C. Require E-Mail Addresses for Usernames  (click on Edit to change)  - Requires Usernames to be E-Mail Address. Default is checked.
D. Limit Failed Logins to 5 Attempts  (click on Edit to change)  - Login to Portal will lock for 5 minutes after 5 failed attempts. Default is checked.
E. Region Edit Mode Web App  (click on Edit to change)  – Changes the way regions function in Web App. Options are Inline or Popup. Default is Inline.
F. Region Edit Mode Workflow  (click on Edit to change)  –  Changes the way regions function in Workflow edit. Options are Inline or Popup. Default is Inline.
G. Workflow Ink Regions Enabled  (click on Edit to change)  – Check if Ink Regions should be enabled for Workflow edit. Default is unchecked.
H. Lock User Details in MyProfile  (click on Edit to change)  - Check if you do not want to allow your Users to edit their user details (including username and email address) themselves. Users will still be able to change their passwords. Default is unchecked.
I. Required EULA to be accepted for this Company's Users (not editable) - Contact your Account Manager for details on requiring a EULA to be accepted by all Users when activating the App. Default is unchecked.
J. Workflow Failure Contact  (click on Edit to change)  - Allows you to choose a User or Group of Users to be notified when a Form fails in Workflow.

Kiosk Mode Settings

This feature is currently under development and will be available in Mobile Forms 7.0.

Custom Home Page Screen Settings

This feature is currently under development and will be available in Mobile Forms 7.0.

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