Introduction to Workflows

Introduction to Workflows


Field2Base continues to differentiate its Mobile Forms platform from other digital form providers by offering Workflow. Our Workflow product is part of the Portal and can be customized to act on data arriving from the field in real time. 

Types of Workflows

Basic Workflow

A one-step approval workflow process that Users (with Mobile Forms Admin or Workflow Admin roles) can set up and manage from the Portal.  See the article on Basic Workflow for information on how to set up a Basic Workflow. 

Custom Workflow

 A completely customized workflow process that is designed by the Field2Base Professional Services team to meet the unique business requirements of our Customers. Forms with a Custom Workflow can have customized logic and validation added during various Workflow stages. Please see the Professional Services article on Custom Workflow for more details and examples.

Common Workflow Design Options

Manual Review
Forms are assigned to an Approver (or Group) for review during the Workflow process. Approvers can log in to the Portal and have access to their Queue of Forms awaiting their approval. The Approver will select a Form from their Queue, review it, make any necessary edits and approve it.  Once approved, the Form continues on to the next step in the Workflow process.

Automated Approval or Manual Review Based on a Condition
Submitted Forms are routed by the Field2Base Workflow engine based on data contained within the Form. No human interaction is required to start the subsequent data routing process.

For example, a Change Order Form is submitted from the field. The value for “Total” on the Form is $6,500. Workflow assigns the Form to an Accounting Group for additional review because the value was more than $5,000. Any Forms with totals less than $5,000 are automatically approved without the need for manual review and approval.

Assign to Second Approver
Submitted Forms may be assigned to subsequent Groups or single Users in Workflow as part of a multi-approval process.

For example, a Form was completed by Field User, signed, and submitted to Workflow. Manager reviews and approves submitted work. Approved Form is then assigned to an Accounting Group for their subsequent review and approval.

Send to Mobile Device
Submitted Forms may be assigned to another Field2Base enabled Device for further action.

For example, a Form was completed by Field User, signed, and submitted to Workflow. Workflow automatically sends the Form to a manager’s Mobile Device where it appears as a Work Order. The Work Order can be opened to easily allow for additional comments and the manager's signature before submitting it as the Completed Form.

Send Back to Original Tablet
Submitted Forms can be assigned back to the original sender.

For example, a Form was completed by Field User, signed, and submitted to Workflow. The Approver reviewed the form and determined information was incorrect. Approver adds comments to the form and sends it back to the Field User. The Form appears as a Work Order in their Mobile Forms app. The Form can be opened by the original sender, corrected, and re-submitted for approval.

Send to Email Recipient
Submitted Forms may be reviewed and then forwarded to a non-Field2Base User as an email with a PDF attachment of the Form.

For example, a Form was completed by a Field User, signed, and submitted to Workflow. The Approver reviews the Form in the Admin Portal, makes an edit, approves it and then sends the approved Form (as a PDF with only selected pages included) to the customer’s email address.

Custom email templates can be used to customize email subject, body and which pages of the form are attached (if any).

Send to Integration Engine
Workflow processes can be set to send submitted Forms to the Field2Base Data Integration Module application at different stages of the Workflow process. Typically, it is at the end of the approval process so that only the final version of the Form data is available for integration.

For Example, a Form was completed by a Field User, signed, and submitted to Workflow. The Approver reviews the Form in the Admin Portal, makes an edit, and then approves the Form. All revised Form data is now sent to the Field2Base Data Integration Module application which inserts the Form data into corporate applications, document management systems, CSV files or network share drive(s).

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