Mobile Forms Administrator Responsibilities

Mobile Forms Administrator Responsibilities

Tutorial Video

A tutorial video is also available and covers most of this material if you prefer to watch an overview of the Mobile Forms Administrator Responsibilities.


As the Field2Base Admin for your company, you will be responsible for managing all aspects of your company’s use of the Field2Base platform.  Of course, our Support Department is here to help any time you get stuck or cannot find information in our Help Center, but we are confident that the documentation and other resources provided to you will give you more than enough information to perform your Admin duties.
Note: Some companies may benefit from a Mobile Forms Team that shares Administrator responsibilities when needed. You may want to consider multiple admins if your company has a large number of Users, Forms, or complex Workflows.

When communicating with Field2Base, you will be the main point of contact, whether you need to request new projects from the Professional Services Department, communicate with your Account Manager about available services, or stay informed about regular system updates and release notes.  This also means that if a User is reporting an issue with any of our products, you should be able to gather as much information as possible from that User and communicate that information to the proper Field2Base department. However, you should also be able to provide basic troubleshooting for all of your User’s issues before escalating an issue to Field2Base Support.

Once you become familiar with how to use Field2Base and our various products, you will be responsible for providing your company’s Field2Base users with documentation and training. As mentioned earlier, training and documentation resources are available to you in our Help Center, which can be accessed from the Portal, or by going directly to For more information, see our Tour of The Field2Base Help Center video.

Managing Users and Devices

In order for your company’s employees to use the Field2Base system, you will need to add them as Users in the Field2Base Portal. This process is outlined in the Managing Users and Recipients article and videos. You will need to determine if each User will require access to the Portal, and if so, which Role, or permission set, will be most applicable for each User. Users that do not need to interact with any live Forms, and only receive finished documents can be added as Recipients instead of Users. For more information, see the Users vs. Recipients video.

Users that will only be filling out Forms on a tablet, and do not need to access the Portal will not require a Role, or permission set. However, these Users will require the use of a License in order to activate the Mobile Forms application on their mobile device. For more information on managing devices and licenses, see the Managing Devices and Managing Licenses articles and videos.

Sometimes a User may forget their login credentials, in which case you can reset the Users password manually, or generate a random password. In both cases, the User will receive an email with their new login credentials. See the Admin Guide For Resetting User Passwords article or video for more information. Or, if the User has Portal access, you can send them the User Guide For Resetting Your Password article.

Managing Forms

In addition to managing Users, Licenses, and Devices, you will have the ability to manage most aspects of your company’s Forms in the Field2Base Portal. This includes organizing your companies Form Templates with Folders, managing Form Data Files that contain company and customer specific data that can be accessed by your Forms, creating Shared Forms which can be filled out by people outside of your company who do not have access to the Field2Base system, creating and managing Basic Workflows, which allow your Forms to have a one step review process, and managing the templates for automated emails

If you have any questions about how to be a Field2Base Admin for your company, do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or to our Support Department.


As your company Admin, you will be required to report any issues or problems you or your Users encounter to our Support Team. Before you do that, though, you will want to try troubleshooting the issue yourself. When troubleshooting an issue, you will first want to take a look at our Help Center to see if there is an article about the particular product or feature you are troubleshooting.

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for in the Help Center, and need to hand off the issue to our Support Team, email us at
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