Mobile Forms iOS 7.4.5 Beta Release Notes

Mobile Forms iOS 7.4.5 Beta Release Notes


Our release notes offer brief descriptions of the bug fixes included in the 7.4.5 Beta release of our Mobile Forms App for iOS. The version number shown in the app is BETA in the Portal and in the App's Settings > About Mobile Forms Section.

Please contact our Support Team with any questions or feedback about any of these updates.

Bug Fixes

Investigate and Fix App Notification Badges Not Reporting the Correct Work Order Count Available in My Work in the iOS App (SB-3573)

Fixed an issue with the notification badge on the App icon not reflecting the correct number of Work Orders available in the My Work section for the currently logged in User in the iOS App.

Investigate and Fix Barcodes Scanning Not Working Correctly in the the iOS 7.4.x App (SB-3600)

Fixed issues with the the Camera Barcode Scanner used by the Barcode Region Type not being able to identify a lot of barcodes when filling out Forms in the iOS App. The new Camera Barcode Scanner only works with iPadOS 16 or iOS 16 or newer. iPads or iPhones running older OS platforms will use the original Camera Barcode Scanner.

Investigate and Fix the Form Vertical Alignment when Kiosk Mode Is Enabled in the iOS App for iPhones (SB-3604)

Fixed an issue with the Form Viewer's vertical alignment (not aligned all the way to the top) when the Kiosk Mode is enabled in the iOS App for iPhones.

Investigate and Fix the Cancel Button Not Working for Document Scan Regions in the iOS App on iPhones (SB-3617)

Fixed an issue with the Camera viewer's Cancel button not working that is used by the Document Scan Region Type when filling out Forms in the iOS App on iPhones.

Investigate and Fix Calculation and Label Regions Not Displaying Text Correctly in the iOS 7.4.3 App (SB-3619)

Fixed issues with text not wrapping correctly for Calculation and Label Region Types when filling out Forms in the iOS 7.4.3 App. 

Investigate and Fix Crashes Occurring when Left Running in the Background for Extended Time Periods in the iOS 7.4.x App (SB-3640)

Fixed an issue with the iOS 7.4.x App crashing in the background if the App has been running for extended periods of time.

Investigate and Fix Work Order Drafts that are Deleted while Uploading in Sent Forms Not Reappearing in My Work in the iOS 7.4.x App (SB-3641)

Changed the Menu options for Sent Forms that are stuck in the Uploading Status to no longer allow deleting the Sent Form to prevent lost Work Orders in the iOS App.

Investigate and Fix Getting Stuck on the Loading Indicator after Sending a Form Using a Button and the Prompt Before Send Config is Disabled in the iOS 7.4.x App (SB-3644)

Fixed an issue with the Loading Indicator becoming stuck after a Form is sent when using a Button with Field2Base.send() script call in the Form Template to send the Draft and the Enable Prompt before Send is set to No (disabled) in the iOS 7.4.x App.

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