Managing Work Orders

Managing Work Orders


Work Orders are Forms which have been partially pre-filled for dispatch to a designated User. You can view, edit, re-assign or cancel Work Orders for your company by logging in to the Field2Base Portal and navigating to Admin > Work Orders. 
Note: The Mobile Forms Admin or Work Order Dispatcher role is needed to access the Work Orders page in the Portal.

Viewing Work Orders

The Work Orders page will display all of the existing Work Orders for your Company. You can click on any of the hyperlinked (white) column names to change the order of the Work Orders. You can use the Show/Hide Filters button to filter by Work Order Name, Type (Shared Form, Standard, Workflow) , Source (Portal, REST API, SOAP API, Workflow), Associated Folder, Form Name, Assigned To, Assigned Status (Assigned, Unassigned), Date Range, Submitted By and/or Status (Active, Cancelled, Completed).
You can download a report of the Work Orders currently displayed as an .xls or .csv file by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

Types of Work Orders

  1. Shared Form - A Form that is pre-filled and emailed as a Shared Form link as part of a Custom Workflow.
  2. Standard (most common) - A Form that is pre-filled and assigned to a User through the Portal, EDM or PreFill Web Service.
  3. Workflow - A Form that is pre-filled and assigned to a User as part of a Custom Workflow. 

Duplicating a Work Order

1. Click the Select an Action button then select "Duplicate Work Order" next to the Work Order you wish to duplicate. 

2. This will bring up the Create Work Order window which will allow you create a new Work Order with the values pre-filled from the duplicated Work Order.

Editing a Standard Work Order

1. Click the Select an Action button then select Edit or Edit (Form) next to the Work Order you wish to edit.

2. This will take you to the Edit Work Order page where you can update the Work Order information. The Edit Work Order page will vary based on whether you selected Edit or Edit (Form).
Edit Option: Change any Work Order and Region information then click Save.
Edit (Form) Option
1. Change any of the Work Order information as desired.
2. Click Continue to access the Edit (Form) view.

3. Update any region values on the Form as needed.
4. Click on Submit Work Order to save your changes.

Viewing Details for a Specific Work Order

1. Click the Select an Action button then select View Work Order next to the Work Order you wish to view. 

2. This will bring up a window with the Work Order details which allow you to view the values pre-filled for each region. You can use the Download Work Order button on the Work Order Details window to download an xml file of your work order regions and associated values. 

Re-assigning Work Orders

You have the ability to re-assign Work Order(s) from one User to another User. For example, if a technician has a job that takes longer than expected and cannot complete all assigned Work Orders, you can re-assign some of their Work Orders to another technician and those Work Orders will be removed from the first User's device and appear under My Work under for the new User. You can re-assign multiple Work Orders to a User at the same time.

1. Check the box next to the Work Order(s) you wish to re-assign.
2. Click the Re-assign button.

3. Select the Assign button next to the User you wish to re-assign the Work Order(s) to. You can also change the Work Order(s) to unassigned by clicking on the Clear Assignment button so you can save it to assign to someone later.
  1. The new assigned User will receive a notification e-mail by default. You can uncheck the Send E-Mail notifying the User a Work Order was Assigned checkbox if you do not want them to be notified by e-mail.
  2. Start typing in the Filter Users box to narrow down your User list.

Cancelling Work Orders

Cancelling a Work Order will remove it from the User’s Device the next time their Device syncs with the Field2Base system.

1. Check the box next to the Work Order(s) you wish to cancel. You can cancel multiple Work Orders at the same time.
2. Click the Cancel button.

3. You will get a confirmation screen. Click Yes to confirm that you want to cancel these Work Orders.

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