Cloning a Form

Cloning a Form


There are situations where you may want to publish the same Form twice for use with two different groups of Users. For example, if you don't want the two groups to be able to see each others versions of essentially the same Form or if you want to make a "test" version of a Form so you can make updates without impacting the live Form currently being used, you can publish multiple versions with different Form Template IDs . This will allow the two Forms to look and perform the same while only being viewed by their respective Users. Since they have different Form Template IDs, they are treated as separate Forms in the Field2Base system.
If you ever want to edit the Form Template ID to overwrite an existing Form, you can refer to the article on Editing a Form ID.

To Publish a Form with a New Template ID

1. Open the Form you wish to duplicate in Forms Designer.

2. Make any changes specific to this new version of the Form you are creating. (pricing, background, etc.)

3. Click the File icon in the top left of the Forms Designer window.

4. Hover over the arrow to the right of the Save As button.

5. Click the New Template option.

6. Choose a name for the new Form, and save the eForm file to a location of your choice.
Hint: Although you can technically have two Forms with the same name, we strongly recommend using different Form Names to avoid confusion. For example, if you have two versions of the same timesheet form, one for a group in America and one in Canada, you could change the Form Names to "Timesheet America" and "Timesheet Canada" respectively.

7. Publish the version with the new Template ID either through Forms Designer (File > Publish) or the Portal (Admin > Form Templates > Upload Form).

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