Workflow REST API

Workflow REST API


The Workflow REST API allows you to manage Forms currently in Workflow.

Base URL

Header (required)
Authorization: Basic {CompanyID}:{Username}:{Password}:{API Sync Key}
Content-Type: application/json
Note: Authorization Header above is the same as all other Mobile Forms REST API calls. 
Note: API Developers can use OAuth 2.0 Authentication instead of the Basic Authentication. The OAuth 2.0 Authentication uses the Client Credentials Grant Type and requires the Company have a Client ID and a Client Secret generated in the Mobile Forms Portal to make web service calls to the REST API Endpoints. You can contact the Professional Services team at to implement OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

Supported Operations

Append to the Base URL:
  1. GET workflows/{referenceNumber}
    1. Get details of a Form in Workflow
  2. POST workflows/email/{referenceNumber}
    1. E-Mail a PDF of the Form in Workflow to the provided recipients with the provided e-mail subject
  3. POST workflows/reassign/{referenceNumber}
    1. Re-Assign a Form in Workflow to the provided Username
  4. POST workflows/reassigntogroup/{reference number}/{group name}
    1. Re-Assign a Form in Workflow to the provided Group Name
  5. POST workflows/restart/{reference number}
    1. Restart a Form in Workflow
  6. POST workflows/resume/{reference number}
    1. Resume a Form in Workflow
  7. DEL workflows/cancel/{reference number}
    1. Cancel a Form in Workflow 
Note: Be sure to add "/" at the end of the call if there is a period in the Username or Group Name.

API Samples

Get Form Details

Request: GET

Response: 200 OK
  1. {
  2.     "Status": "Under Review",
  3.     "User": null,
  4.     "Group": "Invoice Numbering Group",
  5.     "FormTemplateName": "Sample Expense Report",
  6.     "FormTitleSubject": "Sample Expense Report - Mary 2/21/2021 - 2/28/2021",
  7.     "Folder": "Form Library",
  8.     "LastModifiedDate": "2021-02-24T10:55:28.7114097",
  9.     "LastModifiedBy": "",
  10.     "StartedDate": "2021-02-24T10:55:28.6284035"
  11. }

E-Mail a PDF of a Form in Workflow

Request: POST
  1. {
  2.    "RecipientEmails" : [""],
  3.    "CustomSubject" : "Custom Subject Test"

Re-Assign a Form to a new User in Workflow

Request: POST

Re-Assign a Form to a new Group in Workflow

Request: POST
  1. Group 2/

Restart a Form in Workflow

Request: POST

Resume a Form in Workflow

Request: POST

Cancel a Form in Workflow

Request: DEL

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