Web App User Guide

Web App User Guide


Web App functions as a browser-based version of the Field2Base Mobile Forms™ App and can be accessed from the Portal. Just like the Mobile Forms™ App, Web App is comprised of four sections: Blank Forms, My Work, Saved Drafts, and Sent Forms.

Note: You may need to speak with your Account Manager for pricing (if any) to enable Web App for your Company. Once enabled Company Wide, access to Web App is applied to Users through the Web App User Role. For more information on User Roles, refer to the Roles in the Portal article. If you wish to apply the Web App User Role to many Users in one bulk update, refer to the Bulk Assign User Roles article.

Blank Forms

The Blank Forms area displays blank digital Forms created by your Company and assigned to a Folder the assigned User has access to. You can see the Forms for a specific Folder or for all Folders you have access to (default) by clicking the "Show/Hide Filters" button and selecting an Associated Folder from the dropdown menu.

Opening a Form

To open a Form, navigate to Web App > Blank Forms, and click the "Start New" button on the Form you wish to complete.

Entering Information

Click on a Region on the Form to begin entering information. Press the Enter button on the keyboard or click off the highlighted Region to complete your data entry. You may also use the Tab button to highlight the next Region for data entry. 
Note: Using the Tab button to navigate through Regions in the Form works from left to right and top to bottom. You may experience a different Region than you expected being highlighted next when using the Tab button. This is most likely due to a Region being aligned slightly higher on the page than other Regions in its row during Form Design.

Camera Regions

If you have a camera on the device on which you are accessing Web App, you will be able to capture images in designated Camera Regions. If you do not have a camera on your device or you wish to upload an image from a file, you have the ability to load image files into Camera Regions.

Click on the Camera Region and you will see three options:
  1. Take Photo - Opens the camera editor window. Click Submit to take a photo and have it loaded into the Camera Region. Click Cancel to back out of the camera editor window.
  2. Upload Image -  Opens the Upload File window. Click Choose File to open your File Browser window and then select the image you would like to upload. Once the file is selected, click Upload to load the image into the Camera Region. Click Close to back out of the camera editor window.
  3. Clear Image - Empties the Camera Region of any previously loaded photos or uploaded images.

Document Scan Regions

Document Scan Regions function similarly to Camera Regions but will allow you to crop/rotate your image to provide cleaner images for documents.

Changing Pages 

In addition to any Page navigation buttons you may have in your Form, you can use the Web App Page Navigation feature at the top left of your Form to change pages.

Note: If you do not see the Page Navigation feature at the top left of your Form, Page Navigation has been disabled as part of the Form design. You will need to either use the navigation buttons in the Form or contact the person who designed the Form in Forms Designer. For more information on enabling/disabling Page Navigation in the Form, see the Form Properties section of the Mobile Forms User Guide.

"Actions" Dropdown Menu

  1. Send - Send the Form
  2. Save Draft - Save the Form as a Draft. This does not redirect the page, and you may enter more Form data or navigate to another page.
  3. Save to PDF - Opens a new tab showing you a PDF of the Form in its current state. You may print or download the PDF from this view.
  4. Delete - Deletes the form and all previously entered data; redirects back to Blank Forms page.

Validation Log

This section will display any Validation Error Messages that may appear if you attempt to Send the Form without completing required Regions. You can click on any of the Region names listed in this section to navigate directly to the required Region in question.

Sending a Form

If your Form has a "Submit" button in the Form, you can click that button to send your Form. Otherwise, you can select Send from the Actions dropdown menu at the top right of the page.

Form Validation

Your Form may contain required Regions applied in Forms Designer during Form design. These Regions need to be filled before the Form can be sent. If any of these Regions are empty, Web App will alert you when you attempt to send the Form and show you all of the Regions that need to be filled in still. You can click on a specific Region in the list and the application will highlight that Region on the Form. Once you have filled out all of the required Regions, you will be able to send the Form.

Selecting Recipients

You can select one or more Recipients for your sent Form from the optional Recipients list. Optional Recipients are set through User and Recipient settings in the Admin Portal. See the article, Managing Users and Recipients, for more information on managing your optional Recipients list using the Field2Base Admin Portal.

Select a Recipient from the list by clicking the checkbox next to their name. (This will place a blue checkmark next to their name indicating the individual email recipient has been selected.)
Deselect the Recipient by clicking the checkbox next to their name a second time.

Manually Adding Recipients not in the list 

If the Recipient is not in the list, you can add the Recipient manually. 

1. Click the Add E-Mail button.
2. Enter the e-mail address you wish to send the form to.
3. You can check the add to address book checkbox if you want to add this email address to your list of Recipients for future form submissions. Your Address Book is local to your device.
4. Click OK. The pop-up window will redirect you back to your address book pop-up.
5. Click Send Now to submit the form.

My Work

The My Work area displays Work Orders that have been dispatched and assigned to you from the home office with prefilled information. For example, a field technician can receive a Work Order with the customer’s name, phone number, and address already filled by the home office. The technician can use that information to complete the job then finish the Form as needed and send it in. To find out how to create a Work Orders from the Admin Portal, see the article on Managing Work Orders in the Admin Portal.

Opening a Work Order

To open a Work Order, click the Open button for the item you wish to complete in the My Work listYou can then complete the rest of the Form as needed and send it to the desired Recipient(s).

Finding a Work Order

If you have many Work Orders in your list, Web App allows you to search for a specific value in the Work Order title. Click on the Show/Hide Filters button and enter the Form Name.

Another way to narrow down your list of Work Orders is to view only those associated with a specific Folder rather than showing Work Orders from all Folders available to you. Click on Show/Hide Filters to open the Filter section, and select your desired Folder from the Associated Folder dropdown list. 

Address Options for Work Orders

If the Work Order includes an address, the User can click on the address provided in the Work Order list and Google Maps will be opened in a new tab displaying the location of the address you selected. 

Saved Drafts

The Saved Drafts area of the Main Menu contains any Form you started and saved as a Draft to complete later. You can see your Saved Drafts for a specific Folder or for all Folders you have access to (default) by clicking the Show/Hide Filters button and selecting the desired folder from the dropdown menu. 

Opening a Draft

To open a Saved Draft, click on the Open button for the Form you wish to complete in the Drafts listYou can then complete the Form as needed and send it to the desired Recipient(s).

Deleting a Draft

If you no longer need a Saved Draft, click the checkbox to the left of the Form(s) you wish to delete and then click the Delete button.

Sent Forms

The Sent Forms area of the Main Menu contains all the Forms you have sent from your Device or Web App. The default length of time to keep Sent Form history is 90 days but it can be customized as part of your Company's Custom Configurations.

Note: You can only view a Sent Form, you cannot modify it once it has been completed and sent.

Opening a Sent Form

To view a Sent Form, click on the PDF button for the form that you wish to view from the Sent Forms listThis will open the PDF in a separate tab in browser, at which point you can choose to download or print the PDF.

Quick Copy

The Quick Copy feature allows the user to create a new Draft and import the Region values from a previously Sent Form. For example, a User who visits the same location on multiple days can use Quick Copy to automatically populate the location data from a previously Sent Form. The Regions available for Quick Copy are determined during Form design in Forms Designer

To Quick Copy a Form, find the item in the Web App > Sent Forms view and click the Quick Copy button. This will open a new Form with the available data copied over from the previously sent Form.

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