Outputting "Per Job" CSV Files in a DIM Project

Outputting "Per Job" CSV Files in a DIM Project

The DIM Project Manager allows you to output a new CSV file with every Job (Form) processed by using one of the following Field2Base Internal Values in the Output filename.
  1. referenceNumber - the unique identifier for each form draft submitted to Field2Base
  2. InternalFormId - the unique incrementing number assigned to Forms as they are downloaded
  3. FormProcessTime - the timestamp (which uses the Local Timezone) when the Form began processing
Note: Using these Internal Values guarantees a unique CSV Output filename for every Job processed since only one Job is “in process” at any one time.  Regions Values can be used (i.e. {Page1@Region1), but are unlikely to guarantee a unique output file every time (unless uniqueness is guaranteed elsewhere in your system).

To Add a Unique Filename:
  1. Click on the CSV Data Transform button.
  2. Enter the Output Path.
  3. Enter the Filename and include {InternalFormId} or {FormProcessTime} in the Filename.
  4. Enter the Number of Columns or Column Headers.
  5. Click OK.

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