Limiting Job Downloads Start Date in the DIM Service

Limiting Job Downloads Start Date in the DIM Service


The Data Integration Module Service defaults to downloading the entire sent history for the Form defined in the Project. Similar to limiting Download Batch Sizes, this feature is only available by editing the Project (.XML) file directly with a Text Editor.

Limiting Job Downloads

You can limit the Data Integration Module Service to only start downloading Jobs after the Date Entered by adding a single line to the Project file. The tag used for this configuration option is the <minRfiTimestamp> and requires that a Date & Timestamp (must be a valid UTC format) be entered as the value.
Note: Do not have the Project file open in the Project Manager when doing this update.
  1. Open the .xml Project File (typically located at C:\Program Files\F2B Data Integration Module\Projects) with a Text Editor.
  2. Find the <rfiSvc> block (this is where the new tag will be added).
  3. Below the <formTemplateId> tag, add the following line (10/1/2020 is used as the sample start date here):
    1. This example shows a Date & Timestamp with only the Date defined.  There is typically no need to define the time when using this Filter unless you are looking to do something specific for testing purposes.
  4. Save the updated Project File.
  5. Exit the Text Editor.
  6. Open the Data Integration Module Administrator.
  7. Start (or Restart) the Service to now Download with the Job Limitation in place.
Note: When this type of filtering is in place, there are no changes to the Logs or in any other display for troubleshooting. The only way to tell this is working is by checking the output after the Jobs have been processed.

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