How to Replace a Form Background in Forms Designer

How to Replace a Form Background in Forms Designer


The purpose of this article is to guide you through changing the background image for a page of a Form using our Forms Designer Software.

Downloading the Current Form

We recommend always downloading the Form from the portal to make sure you are working with the current version of the Form before making any updates.
1. Log in to the Portal.
2. Navigate to Admin > Form Templates.

3. Download the current version of the Form you wish to edit by selecting Download from the Select An Action menu.

Updating the Form in Forms Designer

1. Open the downloaded file in Forms Designer (if you do not see the file at the bottom of your browser, check the Downloads folder in your file browser).
2. In Forms Designer, open the Form Tab in the top left.

3. Using the page navigation buttons in the upper left, navigate to the page you wish to change the background for.

4. Click the Replace Button (in the Background section of the Toolbar).

5. Select one of the 3 available buttons to choose which type of background you want to use.

6. In the resulting File browser, find the background file you wish to import, select it, and click Open. This should add a new background to the currently selected page.
Note: After you import the new background, the dimensions and content of the selected background may not match the Regions previously placed on the page. You may have to adjust the placement of the Regions so that they fit properly with the new background image.
7. When your Form is updated as needed, click the File Button, then click Save to save your Form with the new background.

8. Publish the Form to your Company by uploading it to Admin > Form Templates in the Admin Portal or via Forms Designer directly by clicking File > Publish. Refer to the article section on Uploading a New or Updated Form for more details on uploading a Form.

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