Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM) Reset Guide

Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM) Reset Guide


This document will familiarize you with the process behind resetting your installation of the Field2Base Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM).

Understanding an Integration Suite Reset

Resetting the EDM returns the application to the initial state it was in upon installation.  Resetting clears all of the recorded Logs and deletes all items from the Queue allowing the user to start from scratch without resetting any of their already designed EDM Projects.
Since the EDM loads the Queue with dispatches from external CSV or SQL files, there is no further action required with the EDM Project Files after a reset.

Backing Up your EDM Files

As a standard practice, when resetting the EDM, Field2Base recommends you back up your EDM Database Files before replacing them in case there is an error during the reset.
The files you should back up are found in the F2B Enterprise Dispatch Module folder commonly found in C:\Program Files (x86)\F2B Enterprise Dispatch Module.  These include the following files:
  1. Dispatcher.sdf
  2. Log.sdf

Resetting the EDM

The following steps allow you to reset the EDM.
1. Stop the Service using the EDM Admin Utility by clicking the Stop button.
2. Close the Admin Utility.
3. Move or Delete the existing SDF Files (Dispatcher.sdf and Log.sdf) found in the EDM Program Files folder.
4. Download blank EDM Database Files from here: (zip file)  EDM Blank Database Files
5. Extract and Save the SDF Files to the EDM Program Files folder.
6. Overwrite the existing files when prompted.
7. Start the EDM Service.
The EDM reset is complete and ready to process Sent Form data in the initial state.
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