Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM) 6.5 Upgrade Guide

Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM) 6.5 Upgrade Guide


This article will guide you through upgrading the Field2Base Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM) software to version 6.5.  Future upgrades will be available directly through the Enterprise Dispatch Module Administrator.

Backup Existing Database Files

As a best practice, we recommend backing up your essential EDM files before proceeding with the upgrade. If it’s not already part of a regular backup process, we recommend backing up the Forms, Jobs, and Logs subfolders from the EDM Program Files folder before applying this upgrade.
Note: If you have setup the EDM with the E-Mail Alerts option in the following file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\F2B Enterprise Dispatch Module\F2BDispatcherAdmin.exe.config
We recommend migrating your E-Mail Alert configs from your existing config file (F2BDispatcherAdmin.exe.config) to a separate config.xml file after this upgrade. This will allow your E-Mail Alerts configs to automatically update for future upgrades. See the article E-Mail Alert System Setup Guide for more information on setting up a config.xml file.
1. The EDM service should be stopped. The service can be stopped by using the EDM Admin Utility > Services section > click Stop.
2. Copy the following items into a backup folder location (like on the Desktop or in My Documents):
  1. Transformer.sdf
  2. Log.sdf 
  3. F2BDispatcherAdmin.exe.config

Record EDM Windows Service Account Settings

If your EDM generates files out on a network share, then the EDM’s Windows Service may have a different Account Log On setting than the default System account.
You can determine this by opening up Windows Services > opening the F2BDispatcherService Properties > Log On tab and checking to see if the This account option is enabled. If it is, you will need to record what account it is and make sure you know the password is before starting the upgrade.
When the upgrade is completed, you will need to re-apply this Windows Service Account Log On setting for the F2BDispatcherService.

Install the Correct Edition of the EDM

As a reminder, the Server Edition is intended to be run on servers and will only install the EDM service and the Administrator utility.
The Designer Edition is intended to be run on Desktop PCs and will install all utilities and the EDM service.
1. Log in to the F2B Admin Portal Downloads page and download the appropriate edition.
2. Once it is downloaded, run the selected EXE.
3. Click Next.
4. Click Next.
5. Click Install. The status of the EDM installation will be shown for a few moments.
6. Click Finish.

Apply EDM Windows Service Account Settings

If you had a different Account Log On setting for the EDM Windows Services, then you will need to re-apply this setting before starting the EDM Service once more.
Go to Windows Services > open the F2BDispatcherService Properties > select the Log On tab > change it to the This account option and enter the correct credentials for the User Account recorded before the upgrade.

Restore Existing Database Files

It is now time to copy the backed-up folders and files (i.e. Dispatcher.sdf, Log.sdf, etc.) back to the EDM Program Files folder from the Backup folder created earlier.
When prompted to overwrite the existing files, click Yes and overwrite the files. The EDM is now ready to resume processing Work Orders where it left off.
Note: If you need to enable the E-Mail Alerts option from your previous install, then you will also need to copy the F2BDataIntegrationService.exe.config file back into the DIM Program Files folder.

Anti-Virus Software Exclusion Reminder

Since you already have the EDM installed on your PC, Field2Base just wanted to put out a reminder that we recommend you take the precautionary step to exclude the EDM application from your Anti-Virus scanning and any other security software that may alter the installation.
The reason we recommend the exclusion is that Field2Base protects the code of our software using a process called obfuscation (which essentially encrypts the code) and unfortunately in this day and age, malware creators will often use a similar method to make their viruses harder to combat. Anti-Virus and Security Companies will flag the same obfuscation profile of our software and it results in our software being incorrectly identified as a security threat.
Since there are so many different Anti-Virus scanners and security software out there, we cannot provide the exact steps on how to exclude the software, but from our experience, it is typically found in the Settings for the software. You will then need to exclude the following folder depending on the Operating System (OS) version:
  1. 32 Bit OS: C:\Program Files\F2B Enterprise Dispatch Module
  2. 64 Bit OS: C:\Program Files (x86)\F2B Enterprise Dispatch Module

Service Network Access

Starting with version 6.2, the EDM Service now uses the standard HTTPS Port of 443 to submit Work Orders to our cloud. New EDM Projects created in the EDM Project Manager will use this port by default.
If you want to upgrade your existing EDM Projects to use the updated port, you can manually upgrade the EDM Project in Notepad; if you need assistance with making such an update, please contact Technical Support for assistance.
If you do not want to upgrade your existing EDM Project to use this port, please just remember to keep the previously setup HTTP (2001) and HTTPS (2443) Ports open to allow the EDM to continue to function correctly.

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