Data Integration Overview

Data Integration Overview

Our paperless mobile platform drives your digital transformation. A part of how we accomplish this is through our robust integration solutions designed specifically around your business and existing systems.
Field2Base offers complete data integration products that are bi-directional, providing separate applications for the following processes: data mapping/sending, dispatching, and data synchronization.

Data Integration Module (DIM): The DIM component automatically downloads and maps mobile Sent Form data to a Customer's backend systems.
Enterprise Dispatch Module (EDM): The EDM component delivers work order data to the field as dispatched Work Orders from a Customer's backend system.
Data Upload Utility (DUU): The DUU component monitors a folder location and then automatically uploads drop-down list values that are exported by a Customer's backend systems.

These integration tools allow Field2Base Customers to take submitted form data and connect it to existing software applications using multiple formats:
  1. Generate CSV or Text files
  2. Generate PDFs or Image files of photos from Sent Forms
  3. Insert or update records directly to a database using ODBC / OLEDB
  4. Call an API or call Web Services using a Plugin API
Our integration tools are easy to use and will result in an increase in data integrity for your business once connected to your backend systems. Most importantly, our customers who have integrated their data with Field2Base have experienced higher returns on their investments.

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