Data Integration Module (DIM) 7 Release Notes

Data Integration Module (DIM) 7 Release Notes


This document details version 7 of the Beta release of our Data Integration Module (DIM). The version number shown in the app is 7.0.1.

Product Enhancements

  • Add the Version Number to the Configuration Section of the DIM Admin Utility [SB-1304]
    Added the Version Number to the Configuration Section of the DIM Admin Utility.

  • Update the DIM Project Manager to Support Version 7.0 for Form Templates [SB-2703]
    Updated the DIM Project Manager to support the 7.0 eForm version when opening Projects or loading in Form Templates.

  • Add the Ability to Set a Max Date Timestamp in DIM Projects to Only Process Sent Forms Up to a Specific Timestamp [SB-2834]
    Added the ability to set a Max RFI Timestamp in a DIM Project to only process Sent Forms up to a certain date/time. Similar to the Min RFI Timestamp, the format of the new tag is "<maxRfiTimestamp>[datetime]</maxRfiTimestamp>" and the configuration needs to be placed with in the rfiSvc block. The new tag will work in conjunction with the Min RFI Timestamp to process Sent Forms in specific date ranges and when both are defined, the Max RFI Timestamp must be a later date/time than the Min RFI Timestamp.

  • Research Modern E-Mail Authentication Methods for Integration Suite Alerts in the DIM [SB-2891]
    Research completed. The recommended Modern Authentication path identified is to use SMTP AUTH for OAuth when using Office 365 and our findings have been shared with the Customer. SB-3129 was created to implement the support in the future.

  • Add an Automated Rollover Process to the Local Database to Prevent Reaching Max File Size in the DIM [SB-2994]
    Updated the DIM to use a new database structure and added new mechanisms to the DIM Service to perform automated rollover of Queue and Log data to prevent the local databases from growing untenably large for Companies with a long history of Sent Forms. Additionally, new rollover configurations were added to the Configuration tab in the DIM Admin Utility to easily set when the rollovers occur based on file size.

  • Add the Ability to Specify the Form Data Folder Location in the DIM Service and DIM Admin Utility [SB-2997]
    Updated the DIM Service to configure where the FormData folder that contains the downloaded Sent Forms from the server are located and added a new option to configure the FormData folder in the Configuration tab of the DIM Admin Utility.

  • Update the Transformation Types in the DIM Project Manager [SB-3107]
    Removed all references to the Exec Transformation Type and changed all references of the "Custom" Transformation Type to now be labeled as "Plugin" in the DIM Project Manager.

  • Update the DIM Admin Utility to Remember the Scroll or Search Position after Switching Tabs [SB-3010]
    Updated the Queue tab to remember where the current scroll or search position was when switching between tabs in the DIM Admin Utility.

  • Add a New REF# Filter to the Queue Tab in the DIM Admin Utility [SB-3011]
    Added a REF# Filter that allows searching for Sent Forms exactly or in a range to the Queue tab of the DIM Admin Utility.

  • Update the Project Filter to Be a Dynamically Sized List in the DIM Admin Utility [SB-3012]
    Updated the Project Filter drop-down width to automatically size to the longest Project Name on the Queue and Log tabs in the DIM Admin Utility.

  • Update the Project Filter in the Logs Tab to Refresh if New Projects Are Processed for the First Time in the DIM Admin Utility [SB-3110]
    Updated the Project filter in the Logs Tab of the DIM Admin Utility to automatically refresh when new Projects are processed by the DIM Service for the first time.

  • Update the RFI Found Count Logging to Not Include Sent Forms Beyond the Max RFI Timestamp in the DIM Logs [SB-3111]
    Updated the logs based on the new Max RFI Timestamp config available for use in DIM Projects to reflect the actual count when the DIM Service is processing Sent Forms.

  • Add the Image Plugin Library to the DIM Installers [SB-3118]
    Added the Image Plugin library to be included in all DIM Installers.

Bug Fixes

  • Update the DIM PDF Plugin to Delete Unfinished PDF Files after Encountering Errors [SB-1274]
    Updated the DIM PDF Plugin to automatically delete unfinished (0 byte) PDF files if there is an error before the PDF conversion has been completed by the DIM.

  • Investigate and Fix Issues in the DIM Admin Utility with Transformer Database Files Missing Timestamps when Upgrading to the DIM 7 [SB-3125]
    Fixed an issue loading the Transformer database in the DIM Admin Utility when upgrading to the DIM 7 from a previous existing DIM installation where there were missing timestamps from old Sent Form history processing or the DIM never downloaded any Sent Forms for processing.

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