Creating a Multi-Company User

Creating a Multi-Company User


Depending on your role within an organization, you may need administrative accounts on more than one Company in Field2Base. This can be done by creating a User Account that can be used on multiple Companies, something we call a Multi-Company User. This is most common with Field2Base customers that have a Company split into multiple Company IDs. For example, a single organization can have multiple locations around the country, and have each location represented as a different Company ID in the Admin Portal (East, West, etc.).

Note: This guide assumes you already have a User account with the Mobile Forms Admin role for the Company that you want to add a Multi-Company User to.

How to set up a Multi-Company User

  1. Log in to the Portal using the Company ID you wish to put your Multi-Company User on.
  2. Go to Admin > Users.
  3. Click the Create User Button.
  4. On the Create User Page, start by entering the email address associated with a User who already has an account on another company.
  5. Doing this should autofill the Username and Password. Fill in any additional details needed on the Create User Page. The Password will be the same across multiple companies. The Username can be different but we strongly recommend that you use the same Username across multiple companies to reduce confusion.
  6. Click the Create User Button.
This should create the now Multi-Company User on the new account. When a single Company User goes to a Multi-Company User for the first time, they trigger a scenario where their password is reset and the "Updated to Multi-Company User Alert" E-Mail is sent to their e-mail address. If they're added to additional Companies, their password is NOT reset and the "Added to New Company Alert" E-Mail is sent to their e-mail address.

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